Mary B’s, Padstow

On a recent visit to Padstow in April 2009 I was disheartened to see Mary B’s Teashop had gone.

It was a lovely tea shop hidden away from the madding crowds which descend on the small fishing port in Spring/Summer.

It’s loss has made Padstow a poorer place – M

7 thoughts on “Mary B’s, Padstow

  1. We were absolutely devastated to learn Mary B’s was “gone”. This was our first port of call on arriving in Padstow early Friday morning for a Cornish Breakfast and returning most days for apple pie and cream. What are we all going to do now, part of our holiday is missing. What has happened to the lovely couple who ran it and were so friendly to all who visited.

  2. Hi Mary. Thanks for the comment. I agree completely. We ended up at the crazy golf tea shop. Did you find anywhere to go?

  3. We also go to that one too. We also like the Basement, but Hubby getting a bit fraught as we are down in two weeks and he is dreaming of the Cornish breakfast, which has now turned into a nightmare as no-one can match Mary b’s. when are you there again. Will let you know what Jack’s is like who has presumably taken over Mary b’s. Do you know what has happened to the couple who ran it.



  4. Will check it out. At the moment I am tending to steer clear of Padstow. Finding it too busy.


  5. My wife and I also mourn the loss of Mary B’s, a true oasis in the heart of Padstow. It has not dampened our love of the town as the star is always the sublime and majestic Camel estuary. We arrive there this Friday 17th June 2011.

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